Being "PROACTIVE" vs. passive against unexpected violence is up to you. The bullet proof * BACKPACKSHIELD made of index_dk1.gif Like a seat belt, a little bit of protection can go a long way, it might even save your life.  
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Part # BUSPACK01 (Very Clean Professional looking Business Backpack with room for laptop PC or MAC (secures in padded pocket compartment with a large Velcro strap)  along with extra room for documents, files, pens, cell phone, etc extras  as shown above) , large front pocket , available in 3 to 5 days
Price:  $295.00 (not including shipping) for Professional Business Packpack with BPS NIJ level IIIA  Standard Ballistic Resistant Shield
 Approx. 17”   H x  12 ” W x 7 D”   
Features: Ideal for Doctors. Lawyers, Business Executives, Travelers, Air Marshalls,  on the go that need to present a professional appearance with room for your laptop PC or MAC (held in a padded pocket with a large Velcro tie down strap), Clean Pro-Line Pockets offer lots of room for files, pens, documents and more.

Use it as an Active Bullet Resistant Shield - Although it can protect your back, its intended to be held in front and pointed squarely in the direction of the shooter. Get your head, chest and heart behind the BACKPACKSHIELD and 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds will not come through the BACKPACKSHIELD   (*see ballistic specs). Its ~ 17" high and ~ 12" wide - you can position (horizontal crouch) most of your vital body area (head and heart area) behind it. Its a major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds.

                           The BACKPACKSHIELD BP3A can be a life saver and "Piece of Mind".
* It meets and exceeds N.I. J. Level IIIA for bullet resistance. Ideal for stopping handgun rounds . 
adobe pdf file   Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf format datasheet for the BACKPACKSHIELD meets and exceeds N.I.J. Level IIIA shield
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Full metal jacket H P White Ballistics Report
Bullet proof * backpack insert by
BACKPACKSHIELD tm is the highest
handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA)
 rating aginst handguns.
Contact us for a copy of the Independent
Laboratory Report by HP White Laboratories
on the bullet blocking resistance of the
Backpack Shieldtm
can supply any manufacturer's compatible backpack design (arched top - basic rectangle shape) with our bullet resistant insert including the following brands: JanSport Backpacks, Dakine Backpacks, High Sierra Backpacks, Columbia Backpacks, The North Face Backpacks, CamelBak Backpacks, Gregory Backpacks, Deuter Backpacks, Oakley Backpacks, Smith Backpacks, Spy Backpacks, Marmot Backpacks, Tubbs Backpacks, Atlas Backpacks, Eureka Backpacks, etc.
Just specify the model and color and Backpack Shield will provide you with a price and delivery quotation (click our e-mail link below) usually same day. Special Backpack shapes are also possible to make a BACKPACKSHIELDtm insert for as well
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 TEL  +1 -512-894-2054
BackpackShield Sales Desk -  
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