Buy a Bulletproof backpack * from Backpackshield and it's the highest level IIIA ballistic resistance for handgun bullets - We all know and hear about everyday gun related tragedies, over 30,000 gun related homicides a year (USA), that's all we will say about that. While we can not control gun related violence that we or our loved ones may encounter, we can choose to actively do something to improve our odds of getting through it (a true survival advantage). Being "PROACTIVE" vs. passive against unexpected handgun violence is up to you. The bulletproof  BACKPACK SHIELD (made of Dupont tm Kevlar ® based insert) ~ like a seat belt, a little bit of protection can go a long way, it might even save your life. Please see what this product can do.  We thank you for your consideration, Duponttm Kevlar ® is made in the USA not a Weaker Cheap China ripoff (it's often called "ballistic nylon").
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